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New at OnlineEd – Certified Home Marketing Specialist Course

by | Sep 2, 2010


In today’s economy and market, many sellers don’t have the resources for staging as it is portrayed in the media. Becoming a Certified Home Marketing Specialist (CHMS) will help the real estate licensee to  create a strategy for every seller that focuses on the best utilization of resources to strategically position the property in the market.

Created by Martha Webb, author and producer of Dress Your House for Success, this Certified Home Marketing Specialist (“CHMS”) incorporates staging concepts and strategic marketing designed to create an increased level of real estate expertise – from dialogue that motivates sellers to advertisements and photos that motivate buyers. Real estate professionals will gain new skills to position properties with the least amount of time, work, and money.

Based on the Dress Your House for Success video and book, this course is sure to be valuable for professionals who want to help sellers prepare their property for market. This course will advise the real estate professional on how to efficiently market a home, such as:

  • The Listing Consultation
    • Utilize statistics to help sellers gain a perspective of objectivity.
    • Incorporate new dialogue to engage sellers in pre-market activity.
  • Make appropriate recommendations and connect sellers to resources that can improve their competitive position.
    • Identify low-cost, high impact pre-market activities.
    • Identify props that you can utilize to deliver key messages to buyers.
  • Internet Marketing
    • Transform property descriptions from facts to benefits.
    • Add emotional appeal to photography.

Students who successfully complete this course will receive:

  • The CHMS certificate,
  • A CHMS lapel pin,
  • The “Dress Your House For Success” DVD,
  • A Market Analysis PriceGraph (“MAP”),
  • and the CHMS Resource Guide

The course is available in the OnlineEd real estate professional development catalog or by visiting our course summary page.

This is a private designation course. This is a non-credit course and is not for license renewals or other continuing education.

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