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New Rules for California Real Estate Continuing Education

by | Jan 4, 2011



(OnlineEd) – Effective January 1, 2011 the California Department of Real Estate has new guidelines for continuing education for license renewal. All California approved online continuing education providers are required to implement these changes.  Some of the changes that are mandatory for ALL California continuing education providers are:

  • If the student does not pass the final exam in two attempts the course must be marked as failed, the course is over, and the student will not receive credit for that course.  If the student wishes to obtain course credit, the student must repurchase the course and retake it from the beginning.
  • All courses are to be timed. The student must actively participate in reading, studying, and completing the exercises in this course before being given access to the final exam. The student’s time while logged into the course and engaged in course activities must be timed by the course provider.
  • The student may not complete more than 8 hours of course study per day and no more than 15 credit hours of final exams in any rolling 24-hour period. The student must also wait 24 hours from enrollment before being given access to the first course final exam.

California real estate continuing education students should plan accordingly and be sure to schedule ample study time. Students will not be able to complete their continuing education requirements in just a couple days. To see a complete listing please visit this link: These regulations can be found here.

Here are a few pointers the student should know about OnlineEd courses:

  • Courses are completed entirely online. The student does not need to print materials or do any part of a course offline.
  • OnlineEd courses are mastery-based. This means that the student will not be allowed to move forward in the course until the current course lesson has been mastered.
  • Completion credit will be issued after the student has completed the entire course and passed all exams with the minimum passing score.
  • OnlineEd courses are available 24/7. The student can can quit or resume progress of a course at any time.  The OnlineEd system automatically registers and records student activity.
  • The student can go back and view content previously completed and may also retake quizzes for practice.
  • Students are not required to have or download any software.
  • All courses require active student participation. Students will not be able to take a course final exam until they have studied for the required amount of time.

OnlineEd courses comply with all new California Department of Real Estate (“DRE”) regulations and are approved as a California education provider under school number 4056.  To visit OnlineEd or to enroll in any real estate continuing education courses please go to www.OnlineEd.com.

DRE Provider # 4056

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