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How To Apply For An Oregon Real Estate License On Or After July 1, 2011

by | Jul 12, 2011



(OnlineEd – Portland, OR) The Oregon Real Estate Agency has changed the steps required to apply for and obtain an Oregon Real Estate Broker license.  As of July 1, 2011 the following steps must be completed:

1. The applicant must submit the appropriate license application with the required fee to the Oregon Real Estate Agency before completion of the pre-license course. The applicant can enroll and begin the coursework prior to application, but must submit the application before completion of the coursework.

2. The applicant must complete the required pre-license education.

3. The pre-license education provider must obtain (but not verify) the applicant’s Social Security Number and confirm (but not verify) with the applicant that the applicant has submitted the license application.

4. The education provider is to upload the applicant’s electronic eligibility file and Social Security Number to PSI, the licensing exam proctor.

5. The applicant is to schedule and pay for the licensing examination by contacting PSI.

6. The applicant will sit for the licensing exam at the PSI location selected by the applicant.

7. At the PSI exam center, the applicant will pay for fingerprinting and the required background check.

8. PSI will submit the applicant’s fingerprints electronically for the criminal background check.

The fingerprints that PSI takes are sent electronically to the Oregon Real Estate Agency, along with the applicants Social Security Number. The Agency attaches the fingerprints with the license application and digitally forwards them to law enforcement for processing.

If the licensee passes the licensing exam AND background check, the licensee will receive an email from the Agency. The email will provide a hyperlink for the licensee to print out their real estate license.

The broker’s principal broker no longer holds the broker’s license. Instead, the applicant will declare their principal broker association on their license application. The Agency will email the declared principal broker for confirmation that the applicant will be associated with and supervised by the principal broker.

For more about this process, please visit the OnlineEd pre-license course catalog at at https://www.onlineed.com/system/pages/courses.php?state=Oregon&field=1 , select the pre-licensing package of interest, and then click “Learn More.”

OnlineEd is an Oregon licensed vocational school and approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency to offer pre-license education.  The  OnlineEd® Oregon Real Estate Agency School number is 1038


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