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Oregon Real Estate Agency Empowered to Issue Cease and Desist Orders

by | Jan 6, 2012

(OnlineEd – Portland, OR) – Senate Bill 485 gives the Oregon Real Estate Agency the ability to issue cease and desist orders or to enjoin unlicensed individuals who engage in professional real estate activity without a license. Except for extremely limited circumstances, Oregon law requires a real estate license when an individual charges or expects a fee for assisting others with property management or buying or selling real estate.

Cease and Desist Order

Before SB 485, the Oregon Real Estate Agency could issue administrative orders and impose civil penalties against unlicensed individuals who engaged in real estate activity requiring a license, but the law did not give the Agency any enforcement tools, such as cease and desist orders. The Real Estate Agency, however, could issue cease and desist orders against licensed or unlicensed escrow officers.

State Senator Bonamici, who promoted SB 485 in response to her constituents who had lost money to an unlicensed property manager, worked with the Oregon Real Estate Agency to bring the bill before the 2011 legislature.

Effective as of June 28, 2011, Oregon’s SB 485 authorizes the Agency to issue an administrative cease and desist order against unlicensed individuals who engaged in or is about to engage in professional real estate activity as a real estate broker, principal broker, property manager, or real estate marketing organization.


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