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Free Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Handbook for AML, BSA, and SARs

by | Aug 12, 2012


(OnlineEd® – InlineEd) – Are you confused by FinCEN’s new Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements? Don’t be! OnlineEd® is providing a free guidebook that explains all the details of the required training ,  record keeping requirements, policies, and requirements for Compliance Officer registration.

Get Your PDF Version of the OnlineEd Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Handbook here.

Mortgage companies can develop their own training and compliance systems for AML, BSA, and SARs, but why not use ours? OnlineEd has developed a trouble-free system that can help you comply with these new requirements. OnlineEd’s® new InlineEd AML Compliance Bundle provides you with a well-written and customizable  anti-money laundering policy “template” that can be uses as your own company’s policy.  The bundle also provides a full AML compliance training course and integrated record-keeping for all of your employees. Check it out! It’s Free and there isn’t any obligation.

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