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Oregon Requires First-Time Renewal Course for Property Manager Licensees

by | Mar 7, 2013

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(Jeff Sorg – OnlineEd) – It’s called Property Manager Advanced Practices, P-Map for short, and it’s a newly required course for a first-time license renewal of an Oregon property manager license. Starting on January 1, 2013 property managers must complete this 27-hour course as part of their 30 hour continuing education requirement to be met before a license is renewed. The balance of the 30 hour requirement is to come from the Oregon Real Estate Agency’s requirement to complete an approved 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (“LARRC”). Property managers who are not renewing for the first-time will complete 27 hours of regular, approved continuing education and the 3-hour LARRC. Both license renewal types will renew their licenses at the Oregon Real Estate Agency’s web site e-Licensing system.

The Oregon Real Estate Agency requires this course to include the required topics of Agency Law, Property Management Agreements, Operating a Property Management Business, Trust Accounts, Property Management Accounting, Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant law, Fair Housing, Property Management Records, Real Estate Law Relating to Property Management, Commercial Property Management and Emergency Plans, and Energy Management. While the course is designed for property managers, real estate brokers and principal brokers who are engaged in or want to know more about property management can also use it for their continuing education. To find out more about this course or to enroll in it, please visit the OnlineEd catalog.


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