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State Regulators Encourage Licensees to Renew Early through NMLS

by | Oct 28, 2015

Submitting a NMLS license renewal request takes only a few minutes and can save hours of work if the license was to expire

By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog

time to renew clock(October 28, 2015) – In an effort to remind individuals and businesses to renew their licenses early, the State Regulatory Registry, LLC (SRR), operator of the Nationwide Multi-state Licensing System (NMLS), will launch its second annual “Your License is Your Business” campaign on November 2nd.

November 2nd also marks the first day renewal applications will be available online.

The goal of this nationwide campaign is to remind businesses and individuals working in non-depository financial services that “Your License is Your Business” and early renewal will lower the likelihood of licenses being terminated after December 31.

Submitting a license renewal request takes only a few minutes and can save hours of work later if the license was to expire.

To help promote the renewal campaign, SRR has launched a new Twitter account @NMLSInfo, where licensees may go to learn more and get timely updates on renewal-related news such as key dates, education opportunities, information sources, and much more.

More information about renewing through NMLS can also be found on the Streamlined Annual Renewals page of the NMLS Resource Center.


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