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The Top 4 Questions Asked About NMLS License Renewal Education

by | Nov 6, 2015

question mark guyOnlineEd® to credit bank NMLS course completions on the same or next business day of your course completion

By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog

(November 6, 2015) – At OnlineEd, the annual NMLS license renewal season is well underway! It’s a pretty easy task for a MLO to renew a license, but if you have any questions just let us know or visit the NMLS or OnlineEd websites. Here’s a few of the top question asked to NMLS and OnlineEd:

  1.  “Do I need to do CE?” –  MLOs need CE each year to renew a license. But, if you can’t remember if you’ve completed your annual CE, just hop on over to the NMLS website and check your Course Completion Record. The course completion record displays icons informing MLOs if a course is required. The green check mark means they are CE compliant; a yellow “yield” symbol means a course is required. Here’s a Quick PDF Guide published by NMLS on how to view the record.
  2. “Will this course comply with the NMLS Successive Year Rule?” –  MLOs can’t take the same course two years in a row. You won’t need to worry about this with OnlineEd because we publish a new course each year. Just head on over to the OnlineEd course catalog for this year’s offering.  If you’re using another provider, be sure to make sure the course approval is different from the course you completed last year. Remember, the rule is for a course, not a provider. MLOs are free to use the same provider year-after-year, provided their course is different from the year prior.
  3. “When will my course be credit banked with NMLS?” –  NMLS course provider rules require your course provider to credit banking (report your course completion) within 7 calendar days of the date you complete your course. At OnlineEd we do things a little bit different! We will actually credit bank course completions on the same or next business day from the date you complete your course, depending on the time of day completed. The sooner your course is credit banked by your provider, the sooner you’ll be able to renew your license.
  4. “Do I need State-Specific Education? – Many state agencies now have a state-specific CE requirement in addition to the NMLS requirement. The number of hours and any other unique requirements are detailed in the State-Specific Education Charts maintained on the NMLS website.  The OnlineEd mortgage course catalog is separated by state and courses that are intended to satisfy a state requirement have the two-letter state abbreviation in the course title.

The NMLS warns that CA-DBO, CO, NY and UT each have unique requirements. See the State-Charts for details.
Some states agencies might have early education or renewal deadlines. See the State-Specific Education Charts at NMLS for details or give our friendly staff a ring at 866.519.9597.


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