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OnlineEd Compliance Management and Training System for Mortgage Lenders


(OnlineEd, InlineEd) – The InlineEd system is an easy to use compliance management system developed for the mortgage industry to help it comply with Anti-Money Laundering,  Suspicious Activities Reports, Bank Secrecy Act, and continuing education or education for new employees. InlineEd, which is developed and operated by OnlineEd, is specifically for residential mortgage loan originators and lenders. It can help your company to:

● Train company personnel;
● Track and retain training records;
● Manage policies and procedures documents; and
● Make policies and procedures available to employees.

InlineEd Features 

Compliance Engine – This central system lets you define what training employees need to take and produce reports on who has completed the training. The flexible system allows you create requirements that must be met in certain time frames; either once (like new-employee training)
or at regular intervals (like continuing education). You can easily assign training to entire departments of your company in just a few clicks..
Policies & Procedures – You can upload your policy and procedures documents in any format and make them available to employees. Our simple file upload is online, cloud-based, versioncontrolled, author-controlled, and has redundant backups for security. It’s also indexed so that
you can search for key terms.
Learning Management System – InlineEd features OnlineEd’s seasoned learning management system. Designed to meet a variety of regulator agency requirements, it can handle any configuration of written material, video, audio, quizzes, polls, questions, and bulletin-board style discussions.
● Course Development Services – We understand you don’t want to spend your valuable time learning how to use software just to get your company training online. That’s why we do it for you! We can take your material and transform it into an online course or you can simply use the
courses we already have developed to meet important industry standards.

About OnlineEd®

OnlineEd, Inc. has been offering online vocational training since 1998. Years of developing and maintaining online learning management software for the mortgage and real estate markets has given us an edge in developing compliance training and tracking products designed specifically for the mortgage industry. We fully understand the nature of the mortgage industry is change and remain committed to maintaining and updating the system with new and exciting features. We are also interested in your input. If you have special needs or feature requests, we are happy to
work with you to make InlineEd your company’s compliance management system.

To learn more about InlineEd, please visit www.InlineEd.com or give OnlineEd a call at 866.519.9597. To learn more about OnlineEd, please visit www.OnlineEd.com.

How to Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Training Requirements

(OnlineEd®, InlineEd) – Residential mortgage lenders take note: The August 13, 2012 deadline for compliance with the new anti-money laundering (AML) and suspicious activity report (SAR) final rule is fast approaching.

In A Nutshell

This new expanded regulation applies to every single non-bank mortgage brokerage and mortgage lending company, regardless of size. The mandatory compliance deadline is August 13, 2012. By this date or sooner, you must:

  • Perform an AML risk assessment
  • Implement a written AML Program, including policies and procedures
  • Train employees on AML
  • Develop training program for ongoing AML training and tracking of new employees
  • Conduct and keep records of annual AML training

Would you like an all-in-one solution for this? Would you like it right now? OnlineEd® has developed InlineEd to meet your compliance needs!

“Instant-AML” Training

The instant-solution to your Anti-Money Laundering training needs is called InlineEd. The InlineEd AML Compliance Bundle is a 100% web-based solution comes with AML training, complete record keeping and reporting abilities, and has no installation or IT integration requirements. Just sign up and you’ve got this issue solved!

How It Works:

  1. Submit your information and payment through the checkout page.
  2. Send us a list of all of your employees.
  3. We upload your list and give you back login information that you can issue to employees.
  4. You also receive a pre-made Anti-Money Laundering “policy template” which you can customize and use as your company’s own policy if you don’t already have one.

Each employee will then have personal access to the AML training online. Employees can log in and complete the training at their convenience. When the training is completed, their records are recorded in the online database. You can pull up these records at any time in real time.

You can use InlineEd to train your current employees and keep using the system for future employees. Just enter their information into the system when they are hired and the AML requirements will automatically be applied.

Room To Grow With InlineEd

InlineEd handles policies, procedures, training, tracking, report, records, and compliance.

InlineEd can also help you with many other compliance needs:

  • Company and compliance training
  • NMLS continuing education
  • Education tracking, records, and reporting
  • Policies & procedures

Take A Tour!


InlineEd(TM) is a software system developed by  OnlineEd® for mortgage broker and real estate lender continuing education and national compliance courses, as well as course compliance tracking software for employers.

For more information about InlineEd, please contact Paul Cleary at OnlineEd: (866) 519-9597 or visit www.onlineed.com/inlineed