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Are You Misleading Clients? The Answer May Be Surprising

  It's a bit unsettling when the County Tax Assessor reaches out to ask what kind of property you own... like, did they forget? The email I received from my county government asking what each member of our condominium owned was mildly disturbing, because it seems like they have far more...

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Save $1000s with the New Rental Aesthetic

Save $1000s with the New Rental Aesthetic

Don't miss out on what's popular in home decor! We'll keep you clued-in to what everyone else is doing to their homes so you can stay current and trendy. One of the hottest new design aesthetics is easy to implement; it involves shades of gray, farmhouse chic, engineered wood, and will leave your...

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Notice: MLO CE Deadline: Dec. 1st in Some States

Don't be fooled by multiple CE deadlines for MLOs. No matter what the NMLS says, in certain states you must submit your CE based on earlier dates that are different from the NMLS' deadlines. If you thought a deadline was a single date, not multiple dates, I admire your innocence. In fact,...

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