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“The Power of Staging” Course Giveaway Winner Announcement

Become a Certified Staging Agent Today!


Congratulations to Lori. She is this quarter’s winner of the FREE staging course offered by OnlineEd®.

“The Power of Staging” is a professional designation course by the International School of Staging. This dynamic and interactive online course was produced especially for real estate professionals to help raise awareness and provide a skill set to be used to get listings sold faster and for more money.

As a top-selling online course for the last four years, The Power of Staging® has over 5,000 real estate professionals who continue to use its techniques to give their listings an advantage over the competition. Now updated for 2011, this 8-hour audio/video online course will give agents and home sellers cost effective solutions for staging and vital tips and ideas for realistic and economical upgrades. Practical exercises and optional online group discussions will help develop a good eye to identify problem areas in listings, before they go on the market.

Award-winning interior designer, teacher, staging guru, and course author, Andy Capulleto, contends that every home needs to be staged, and that every real estate agent should learn how to guide their sellers in the art of home staging. “Our staging formula is simple, logical, and easy to apply.” When you complete your training you will be empowered to share with your sellers how they can inexpensively stage their homes to increase their market appeal for top dollar and a shorter market time.

For more information, or to try a FREE demo of the course please visit OnlineEd®.

Exterior Home Staging – Spring Is The Time For It!


(OnlineEd) – Spring has sprung and it’s time to embrace the concept of exterior home staging. OnlineEd® is proud to announce that we are the provider of “The Power of Staging,” a new course by renowned staging specialist Andy Capelluto. Here are some of Andy’s insider tips from her staging course to help you spruce up your listings.

Before you begin the actual process, spend some time standing at the front entrance of the property and take a good hard look at what you’re dealing with.  This is your time to be observant and take a moment to see what potential buyers will see when they arrive at your listing, and again when they leave.

1. Begin at the mailbox and work your way from the street-side in towards the front door.  Start decluttering your front yard by checking to see where dead wood can be eliminated. This means to trim, cut back, and remove anything that is overgrown and superfluous.

2. Remove whatever is unnecessary or unsightly – repair whatever is broken – upgrade wherever possible.

3. Pressure wash, clean and eliminate all remnants of winter. Pay special attention to the front door – it must look spectacular.


4. Paint is the cheapest, fastest and most effective method to upgrade the exterior.  Any areas and features that could do with a little ‘facelift’ could be spot painted.

5. Introduce bold seasonal color in the form of masses of inexpensive annuals in planters, flower beds, and hanging baskets.  Planters flanking the front door using one color of one specimen will help to give the front door the impact it deserves. Planting seasonal color also indicates new beginnings and adds color and life to your home.

6. If the front door mat, hardware and lighting fixtures don’t look their best, consider replacing them. They are inexpensive upgrades that will improve the look of a very important area of the home.

The Certified Staging Agent designation course is designed to help you present your listings in the best possible light. You can find the complete The Power of Staging course in the OnlineEd Professional Development catalog or click here to read more about it.


To learn more about OnlineEd® please visit us at www.OnlineEd.com