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New Fair Housing Continuing Education Requirements for Washington

by | Jun 7, 2022

Are you confused about the new Fair Housing education requirements for real estate brokers in Washington? We have answers!

If your real estate license renewal date is before May 31st of 2023, you do not need to take the new 6-hour Fair Housing course for your current renewal. In this case, you would simply renew your license as you normally would. For your renewal after this next one, however, you would need to take this 6-hour course.

If your license renewal date is after May 31st of 2023, you will need to take the 6-hour Fair Housing course.

This 6-hour course is a temporary course that will only be used for the next few years. This is because it will ultimately be replaced by three courses; a 3-hour Fair Housing segment for pre-license education, a 3-hour first-time renewal course (part of the required 90 hours of post-licensing study), and a 3-hour Fair Housing continuing education course.

Thus, future brokers studying for their real estate exam will automatically take the new 3-hour course in their pre-license studies, and then will take a separate 3-hour Fair Housing course as part of their first-time renewal. After these 6 hours (three with pre-licensing and three on the first renewal) are completed, every renewal going forward will need to include a 3-hour Fair Housing course.

To clarify, after pre-license and post-license education (both of which include 3 hours of Fair Housing), all subsequent renewals must include a 3-hour Fair Housing continuing education course.

We hope this clears up any confusion about these new requirements! Fair Housing is an essential topic for professionals in the real estate industry. Real estate brokers help shape the demographic fabric of our country, and are vital to giving everyone fair access to homeownership. We are happy to support Washington in providing this important knowledge to their licensees!

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