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Licensed Personal Assistants for Oregon Real Estate Brokers

by | Jun 11, 2018

Only a principal broker can hire a licensed personal assistant

Oregon Real Estate Licensed Personal AssistantWhile a licensed personal assistant (PA) can carry out the same activities as the employing principal broker, the principal broker should enter into a written agreement with the PA defining the direct supervision and control that the principal broker will have over the assistant.

The compensation program for a licensed PA can be a salary, commission, or a combination of both, just so long as the agreement has authorized the method. The company must also have a written office policy for the supervision and control of a licensed personal assistant and enter into written agreements with all principal brokers who employ licensed personal assistants.

The written agreement between an employing principal broker and a licensed personal assistant should include the following:

  • The name of the real estate business;
  • The parties to the agreement;
  • The duration of the agreement and a provision for its termination;
  • The employment status of the licensed personal assistant;
  • The name of the principal real estate broker(s) with whom the licensed personal assistant is associated, with reference to written office policies and agreements establishing supervision and control of the licensed personal assistant;
  • The duties and responsibilities of the licensed personal assistant, including any limitations on their ability to represent clients on behalf of the principal broker;
  • The manner and means by which the licensed personal assistant is to be compensated, including reference to any principal broker authorization; and if necessary
  • In all instances, a provision that a licensed personal assistant shall have the same agency relationships with clients as the principal broker.

Only a principal broker can hire a licensed personal assistant.


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