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How to Find Out if Someone Holds an Oregon Real Estate License

by | Oct 1, 2020

How the public can easily verify an Oregon real estate license

By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog

(October 1, 2020)

 OnlineEd – The Oregon Real Estate Agency Index Page provides many features for the public and its licensees. One feature the public takes advantage of from this page is being able to confirm that an individual who represents theirself to be a licensee is, in fact, a licensee. Finding out the license status of an individual takes just a few clicks using the Agency’s handy “licensee lookup” feature, and it’s pretty intuitive. For example, a search can be performed by first name, last name, business name, license number, address, or any combination of these fields.

Buyers and sellers should make sure that someone holding theirself out to be a real estate broker is an active licensed before hiring the person. Another reason to search for the legitimacy of a license is to prevent being scammed. Currently, for example, scammers are contacting timeshare owners, giving the names of legitimate Oregon real estate licensees, representing they have a buyer for their timeshare, asking the owner to wire transfer money to pay a “transfer fee” to effect the transfer of the timeshares. Finally, the scammers will ask the seller to sign over a deed.

Clearly, the Agency provides this service for many reasons. It only takes a few moments using the Agency’s tool to find out if someone is legitimate or to find the actual contact information to make verification. A few minutes could save thousands of dollars and a whole lot of trouble!



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