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Off-the-Shelf Mortgage Industry Policies and Procedures Templates Provide Affordable Solution

by | Sep 6, 2013

(OnlineEd – Portland, OR) – Mortgage education provider OnlineEd has developed industry standard policies and procedures templates to help mortgage companies comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requirement for mortgage companies to have written policies and procedures in place and reviewed by all of their employees. Their easy-to-use system allows for subscribers to upload their existing policies and procedures, to edit and personalize OnlineEd’s off-the-shelf templates, and also allows for integration of existing policies with the OnlineEd templates.  The system, which is part of OnlineEd’s cloud-based software service known as InlineEd, also allows managers to push out their policies and procedures through email notification to all employees, and records each employee’s acknowledgement that they read and understood the policies.  The InlineEd system allows for customization of such features as branding with company specific information and a company logo, built-in version control, and compliance reports.

“Developing and writing policies and procedures is costly and time consuming. It became evident that there was a real need to help mortgage companies sort out CFPB requirements and then come up with an affordable solution, especially for those companies who might not have a full-time compliance officer on staff”, said OnlineEd Chief Operating Officer Jeff Sorg.

InlineEd provides policies and procedures templates, education and compliance management tracking

Three templates are offered, each rigorously reviewed by industry professionals:

The templates can be purchased as a standalone product or bundled with OnlineEd’s InlineEd Learning Management System (LMS), which includes courses designed to meet CFPB core compliance training for employees and mortgage loan originators. InlineEd also provides the solution for being able to demonstrate to the CFPB that the company has a training program in place to educate their employees on consumer risk-reducing issues.


For more information please visit www.InlineEd.com or contact Joseph Mikkelson at 1.866.519.9597.

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