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22% of Oregon Real Estate Licensees Fail Continuing Education Audit

by | Jan 2, 2014

(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – The Oregon Real Estate Agency has released the results of its first continuing education audit, performed November 2013. A staggering 22% of the licensees audited failed because of fraudulent or altered certificates, courses completed from non-agency-certified continuing education providers, or not enough hours. Only 55% of the licensees met the agency’s audit requirements and appeared to be in compliance with all requirements for license renewal. The remaining 23% of licensees did not meet the audit requirements because of late or missing documentation. To renew a license without meeting the agency’s continuing education requirements is a violation of Oregon real estate license law and may result in administrative action against the licensee.

Oregon Real Estate Commissioner, Gene Bentley, suggests these key takeaway points from the results of this first audit:

  • Don’t renew your license until you have completed your required education;
  • Make sure your email and mailing addresses are up to date with the Agency to avoid missing important notifications;
  • Take your continuing education from Agency-certified providers;
  • Keep your certificates of attendance and Continuing Education Record form for three years after your license renewal; and
  • Don’t fraudulently produce or otherwise modify a continuing education certificate.


For more information about OnlineEd and their Oregon pre-license and continuing education courses for real estate licensees, please visit www.OnlineEd.com or telephone Chris Culbertson at 503.670.9278.OnlineEd is an Oregon owned and operated Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Continuing Education Provider No. 1038.

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