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Oregon Amends Provisions of Foreclosure Avoidance Notice

by | Feb 12, 2014

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Oregon amends Foreclosure Avoidance Measure Notice

(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd – Portland, OR) Oregon has amended the provisions of its Foreclosure Avoidance Notice by providing for the form and content of the notice when a lender determines that a homeowner is not eligible for foreclosure avoidance measures or has not complied with an already agreed upon avoidance measure.

The form [Form 20] requires the lender to include homeowner name, lender name, and the subject property address. The lender will then check an appropriate box on the form indicating either that the homeowner is not eligible for any foreclosure avoidance measure or that the homeowner is not in compliance with the terms of an agreement already reached with the lender. The lender must describe with specificity and in plain language their basis for their determination. The form also notifies the homeowner of the date and location set for the sale of the property, cautions the homeowner to seek legal advice, and provides information about agencies and organizations to assist the homeowner.

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