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New 2021 Rules for Advertising by Oregon Real Estate Licensee

by | Jan 6, 2021

The Oregon Real Estate Agency has adopted new rules for advertising, effective January 1, 2021

By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog

(January 6, 2020)

 OnlineEd – The Oregon Real Estate Agency has updated advertising rules for real estate licensees. Highlights of these new rules for brokers and principal brokers, which became effective January 1, 2021, are listed below.

  • Brokers no longer need their principal broker’s approval for their advertising, which makes brokers responsible for their own advertising. However, principal brokers can still establish internal policies for advertising approval.
  • If the advertising licensee is not the authorized licensee for the registered business being advertised, the licensee cannot state or imply in the advertisement that they are responsible for the operation of the registered business.
  • Any licensee can register with the Oregon Real Estate Agency for an alternative name to use in their advertising. If the licensee is known by a name other than their legal name, the registered name can be used in advertising. However, when using an alternative name, the licensee’s license number must be included in their advertisements.
  • Registered business names no longer need to be included in social media posts advertising real estate or real estate services so long as the posts link to a social media profile page or another web page that includes the licensee’s licensed name or registered alternative name and their registered business name.
  • “Licensed in Oregon” is no longer required for online advertising.

All of the new and updated rules, along with rules for property managers, can be found here.



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