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Fair Housing Submission Error: California Continuing Education

by | Jan 15, 2023

Many California licensees are having trouble submitting their Fair Housing Continuing Education course certificates, even when they’ve fulfilled all requirements. If this has happened to you, this brief article should help you fix the problem!

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Licensees usually run into this issue when they input all their CE certificates to their account, and receive the following error message:

“The Fair Housing continuing education course entered did not include a interactive participatory component and therefore cannot be counted towards your continuing education requirements.”

This error message generally occurs when a licensee enrolled in the CE course before October 2022, when new Fair Housing CE requirements went into effect. However, these licensees have in fact taken both the old Fair Housing course, as well as the new one. The problem is that the Department of Real Estate system cannot understand that both the old course and the new course are being submitted; the system simply sees the old Fair Housing course, and immediately generates an error message. When this happens, the student cannot input all their CE successfully.

The best way to bypass this error is to simply omit the old Fair Housing course when inputting CE certificates. The title of the course to omit is “Diversity, Systemic Racism, and Federal Fair Housing Law.”

If you simply do not submit this course, you should be able to successfully input all your CE into your account. This trick should bypass the DRE’s software glitch, and allow you to start the new year with a full deck of satisfied CE requirements!

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