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Real Estate Office Manager’s Policies and Procedures Manual Template

canstockphoto9986430 rulebook rules rule book  (OnlineEd – Portland, OR) – If your real estate office does not have a policy and procedure manual, you might find the template from ARELLO helpful. ARELLO, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, has developed a policy and procedures manual guide to help real estate office managers to create their own. The guide, prepared by real estate regulators, is designed to assist in brokerages with succeeding in business and reduce liability.

ARELLO offers this disclaimer for users of their guide: “This guide has been prepared by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO®) as a basic template that can be modified by brokers to fit the particular set of policies, laws and rules in their respective jurisdiction. Brokers are encouraged to seek legal counsel in the development of their company policies and procedures.”

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  • This article was published on August 16, 2013.  All information contained in this posting was current as of this date.  Due to the fluid nature of the subject matter, regulations, requirements, laws, prices and all other information may or may not be correct in the future and if cited, should be verified by the author before use.

July 2013 Nevada Real Estate Division Proof of Education Requirements

(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd – July 9, 2013) Nevada Real Estate Division (“RED”) licensees whose second and subsequent renewals occurred July 2011 onward are reminded to submit proof of completion of their 24 hours of continuing education by the end of the second anniversary month of their license renewal. For example, for a license renewed July 2011, the first 2-year education term of the 4-year license renewal period ends July 31, 2013.

canstockphoto9986430 rulebook rules rule book

Licensees are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education for every 2 years of their 4-year license renewal cycle. The 24 hours must include at least 12 hours in the mandatory topics of Agency, Contracts, Law, Legislative Updates, and Ethics. 50% of the 24 hours must be completed by live instruction. The remaining 50% can be completed either live or online.

Proof of education certificates must be delivered by the licensee to the RED no later than the end of the second anniversary month of license renewal. The certificates should be delivered by US Mail, common carrier with tracking, or in-person to the Nevada Real Estate Division, Attention: REAL ESTATE EDUCATION SECTION, 2501 E. Sahara AV, Las Vegas, NV 89104. The RED does NOT accept education certificates by email or FAX.  It is the licensees responsibility to provide timely proof of education. The RED does NOT provide reminder notices.


For information about the Nevada Real Estate Division or license renewal, visit their website.

For information about OnlineEd’s Nevada real estate continuing education, visit their website.