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After 600 ‘No’s, I Got a ‘Maybe’

by | Apr 8, 2014

(REALTOR® Mag) – Bryan Maynard will be marking one year in the real estate business in April. But the Semonin, REALTORS®, salesperson in Louisville, Ky., probably feels like he’s been slogging it for much longer than that. It’s been a long enough road so far.

It started out with a bang, though. While in pursuit of his real estate license, which he earned in April 2013, “I started using social media to tell all of my friends and coworkers over the years what I was doing,” Maynard says. “By the time I got out of real estate school, I had two clients waiting on me to buy, both first-time home buyers. One of them ended up buying; one of them fell through the cracks.”

That’s a great start to a new career, but it set him up with false hope. (Read more at REALTOR® Mag)

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