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Find Buyers Now Using Rentals

by | Jul 6, 2023

“I don’t want renters, I only want buyers!” Real estate licensees who think this way close themselves off to a massive pool of future buyers. Almost all buyers were renters at some point; why ignore this huge market? This is like saying you only want to be a listing agent, without realizing that most buyers will one day be sellers. Becoming a trusted leasing agent is a highly effective way to increase your income and market presence among future homebuyers, and you can learn how to do this here: Leveraging Rentals to Boost Sales Leads.

Generation Z will soon become the largest generation, and most of them are currently renting. Helping these individuals with their rental needs will connect you to the largest future pool of consumers. According to Rocket Mortgage, 44.6% of Gen Zers want to purchase a home in five years or less. Interestingly, 40% of the Gen Zers who said they don’t want to purchase a home state that this is because they don’t think they’ll be able to afford it, not necessarily because they don’t want to. This may not seem significant, but it indicates a massive interest in home ownership among Generation Z.

Don’t dismiss rental leasing as a strategy to find buyers, since this connects you on a personal level to future home purchasers. Rentspree and OnlineEd have created a course called Leveraging Rentals to Boost Sales Leads, which gives you the most effective methods of connecting with renters and turning them into sales prospects. If you want to fully leverage the rental market to your advantage, click here.


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