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Zillow Predicts Hottest Housing Markets for 2016

Topping the list is Denver, followed by Seattle and Dallas-Fort Worth, all of which are major tech towns; Portland, Ore. lands at number 10 By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (January 12, 2016) –  It’s a new year and everyone is making their predictions about housing. And Zillow® is no different. On Tuesday Zillow announced its predictions […]

Why Real Estate Brokers Use Contingencies in the Real Estate Sale Agreement

A seller who accepts an offer with contingencies should help the buyer remove them as soon as possible By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (January 11, 2016) – When properly used, a contingency excuses a party to the contract from the obligation to complete the contract without causing a breach of the contract. Usually, a contingency provision is […]

Oregon’s Senate Bill 879 – Exemptions from Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) License Requirement

Oregon bill exempts certain individuals from the requirement to hold a mortgage loan originator’s license By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 24, 2015) – Senate Bill 879 exempts an individual from the requirement to hold a mortgage loan originator’s license who sells, offers, or negotiates terms of up to three residential mortgage loans secured by dwelling unit owned […]

The Top 10 Things Real Estate Agents Need to Know About TRID/Know Before You Owe

Real Estate Agents need to review and become familiar with the Closing Disclosure in order to answer buyer and seller questions By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 23, 2015) – Every real estate agent should get familiar with the TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure forms. These new Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure forms are required for most mortgage loan applications. While […]

America’s Seniors Holding $5.76 Trillion In Home Equity

Great news for seniors who are considering tapping their housing wealth to support their retirement planning By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 23, 2015) – The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association reports today that an estimated $147 billion increase in the aggregate value of homes owned by seniors drove their share of home equity to $5.76 trillion and […]

Building a Web Presence and Oregon’s Rules for Internet Advertising for Real Estate Brokers and Property Managers

 Oregon requires marketing via electronic media, such as Internet, web pages, email, blogs, and bulletin boards, to include specific content not required for other types of advertising By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 17, 2015) –  The Oregon Real Estate Agency requires marketing via electronic media (e.g. Internet, web pages, email, blogs, etc.) to include specific content not […]

Risk Management, Part 4: The Fiduciary Duty of Loyalty

As a fiduciary, a licensee is held to the highest amount of good faith By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 16, 2015) –  A major cause of  liability for real estate licensees relates to agency representation and a licensee’s breach of their fiduciary duties. It is often the failure of the licensee to understand the duties […]

“Price This Home” Lets Sellers Create Their Own Custom Value Estimates

Sellers select for-sale and recently sold homes that best match theirs to arrive at the customized value estimate By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 15, 2015) – Zillow® has announced its release of Price This Home, a new tool that enables home sellers to create a custom, value estimate for their home based on comparable home sales […]

Coaching Tips 5: Navigating Multiple Offers (Part 1)

To imply that multiple offers exist, when no such offers do exist, is a violation of professional ethics and the law By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (December 2, 2015) – When faced with multiple offers, the real estate brokers involved must be sensitive to the needs and direction of their client, whether the buyer or seller, as well […]

Zillow: Lack of Affordable Options Will Drive First-Time Buyers Out to the Suburbs in 2016

Growth in home values will outpace incomes, especially for low-income Americans By Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd Blog (November 30, 2015) – Zillow is predicting that continued deteriorating housing affordability will drive 2016 housing trends. Among those predictions, a lack of affordable homes near city centers will push new and first-time homebuyers to suburbs that feel like walkable, […]