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Get Your 2022-2023 Law and Rule Required Course For Free

On January 1, 2022, OnlineEd launched its new 2022-2023 Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC), and you can get it for free here!

House Bill 2703, Oregon Laws 2021, Chapter 161 now requires real estate licensees renewing active licenses or reactivating licenses on or after July 1, 2022, to complete this specific version of LARRC, which includes specific fair housing content to qualify for renewal or reactivation. This means if you already completed LARRC before January 1 of this year, and your renewal is on or after July 1, 2022, you will need to complete the new LARRC that includes the required fair housing component.

Fair Housing Learning Objectives

OnlineEd’s newly-authored course includes all of the Agency’s suggested learning objectives – and there are many:

  • List the federally protected classes.
  • Describe the history of discriminatory practices by regulators and industry professionals related to restricted covenants, redlining, blockbusting, and steering that led to the creation of the Fair Housing Act.
  • Define blockbusting, redlining, steering, implicit bias, and disparate impact.
  • List Oregon’s protected classes and compare them with the federally protected classes.
  • Identify when parties are exempt from the Fair Housing Act.
  • Describe the real estate property types covered in the Fair Housing Act.
  • Explain fair housing advertising guidelines.
  • Relate under what circumstances reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications are necessary to allow persons with disabilities to enjoy their housing
  • Define the laws that govern protections from discrimination against disability at the federal level.
  • Identify prohibited actions involving the sale and rental of housing under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Discuss prohibited actions relating to mortgage lending under the Fair Housing Act
  • Cite contemporary examples of fair housing law violations that make these issues relevant today.
  • Recognize the two categories that fall under sexual harassment, quid pro quo, and hostile
  • Explain the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) as Oregon’s governing agency that reviews complaints, regulates, and assesses civil penalties for fair housing violations.
  • Review the requirement that BOLI and the Oregon Real Estate Agency share complaint information and report findings regarding fair housing violations.
  • Explain how to submit a fair housing complaint

Other Law and Rule Required Course Required Topics

The required topics were developed from changes made to Oregon Revised Statute 696 and Oregon Administrative Rule 863 and input from the board, the Oregon Real Estate Agency staff, and other stakeholders. This year, in addition to the fair housing component, other required topics found in the OnlineEd course include:

  • Advertising rules update
  • House Bill 2550 (Client love letters)
  • House Bill 3113 (Exemptions on rent increase limits for landlords)
  • House Bill 278 (Requirement to delay termination of tenancies for nonpayment for 60 days if tenant provides documentation of application for rental assistance.
  • Senate Bill 291 (New applicant screening charges and written screening criteria rules)

This OnlineEd Oregon real estate continuing education course includes timed video presentations by Jeff Sorg and online reading materials with follow-along audio. No final exam is required for this course. A continuing education course completion certificate for Oregon Real Estate Agency license renewal will be issued after completing the course and its required seat time.

Sign up now to lock in your free course! This course counts for three hours of Oregon continuing education credit for real estate license renewal and will remain available to OnlineEd learners for 730 days after enrollment.


If You Are Licensed in Another State and Want to Become an Oregon Principal Broker

canstockphoto7389305 real estate license card(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) If you want to become an Oregon Principal Broker but are not currently licensed in Oregon, you must meet these qualifications:

  • Be 18 years old;
  • Have a high school diploma, GED or international equivalent; and
  • Have three years of active real estate license experience.

If you qualify, you must complete these steps:

  • Complete the OnlineEd Out-of-State Principal Broker Course Bundle, containing the required 150-hour broker pre-license course and the 40-hour principal broker qualifying education course.
  • Complete a Real Estate License Application in eLicense, the Agency’s online license management system. When the application is processed, you will receive an applicant ID number.
  • Pay the $230 license application fee in eLicense.
  • Submit to the Agency a certified license history from the state where you obtained your active real estate license experience.
  • Register and pay for principal broker license exam with the state selected licensing exam proctor.
  • Pass the principal broker license exam.
  • Pay for and submit fingerprints for background check while at the state licensing exam testing center.
  • Once your background check has cleared, choose to work for another principal broker or on your own

If you have additional questions about the course or licensing process, please telephone Chris Culbertson in our enrollment information office at 503.670.9278 or send him an email to chris@onlineed.com.


 OnlineEd® is Oregon Real Estate Agency Approved Pre-License and Continuing Education School and an Oregon Licensed Vocational School under the Oregon Department of Education. For more information about OnlineEd, please visit www.OnlineEd.com.

 This article was published on August 7, 2014. All information contained in this posting is deemed correct and current as of this date, but is not guaranteed by the author. Due to the fluid nature of the subject matter, regulations, requirements and laws, prices and all other information may or may not be correct in the future and should be verified if cited, shared or otherwise republished.

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Will My Oregon Real Estate CE Count In Washington?

(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – The only Oregon real estate continuing education course that counts for both Oregon and Washington continuing education for license renewal is Broker Advanced Practices. The OnlineEd 27-hour Oregon Broker Advanced Practices course is presently accepted by both the Washington Real Estate Commission  and Oregon Real Estate Agency for real estate continuing education credit.

Washington real estate licensees will need to inform the Washington Real Estate Commission of their intention to use the Oregon BAP course for CE and will need to provide their Oregon certificate for credit. Although Washington accepts this course, it is accepted as an Oregon course and OnlineEd cannot prepare a Washington specific certificate.


OnlineEd is a provider of pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education for real estate licensees. For more information about OnlineEd, please visit www.OnlineEd.com.

 This article was published on July 17, 2014.  All information contained in this posting is deemed correct and current as of this date, but is not guaranteed by the author. Due to the fluid nature of the subject matter, regulations, requirements and laws, prices and all other information may or may not be correct in the future and should be verified if cited, shared, or otherwise republished.

22% of Oregon Real Estate Licensees Fail Continuing Education Audit

(Jeff Sorg, OnlineEd) – The Oregon Real Estate Agency has released the results of its first continuing education audit, performed November 2013. A staggering 22% of the licensees audited failed because of fraudulent or altered certificates, courses completed from non-agency-certified continuing education providers, or not enough hours. Only 55% of the licensees met the agency’s audit requirements and appeared to be in compliance with all requirements for license renewal. The remaining 23% of licensees did not meet the audit requirements because of late or missing documentation. To renew a license without meeting the agency’s continuing education requirements is a violation of Oregon real estate license law and may result in administrative action against the licensee.

Oregon Real Estate Commissioner, Gene Bentley, suggests these key takeaway points from the results of this first audit:

  • Don’t renew your license until you have completed your required education;
  • Make sure your email and mailing addresses are up to date with the Agency to avoid missing important notifications;
  • Take your continuing education from Agency-certified providers;
  • Keep your certificates of attendance and Continuing Education Record form for three years after your license renewal; and
  • Don’t fraudulently produce or otherwise modify a continuing education certificate.


For more information about OnlineEd and their Oregon pre-license and continuing education courses for real estate licensees, please visit www.OnlineEd.com or telephone Chris Culbertson at 503.670.9278.OnlineEd is an Oregon owned and operated Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Continuing Education Provider No. 1038.

This article was published on January 2, 2014. All information contained in this posting is deemed correct and current as of this date, but is not guaranteed by the author. Due to the fluid nature of the subject matter, regulations, requirements, laws, prices and all other information may or may not be correct in the future and should be verified if cited, shared or otherwise republished.

Oregon Requires First-Time Renewal Course for Property Manager Licensees

(c) Can Stock Photo

(Jeff Sorg – OnlineEd) – It’s called Property Manager Advanced Practices, P-Map for short, and it’s a newly required course for a first-time license renewal of an Oregon property manager license. Starting on January 1, 2013 property managers must complete this 27-hour course as part of their 30 hour continuing education requirement to be met before a license is renewed. The balance of the 30 hour requirement is to come from the Oregon Real Estate Agency’s requirement to complete an approved 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (“LARRC”). Property managers who are not renewing for the first-time will complete 27 hours of regular, approved continuing education and the 3-hour LARRC. Both license renewal types will renew their licenses at the Oregon Real Estate Agency’s web site e-Licensing system.

The Oregon Real Estate Agency requires this course to include the required topics of Agency Law, Property Management Agreements, Operating a Property Management Business, Trust Accounts, Property Management Accounting, Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant law, Fair Housing, Property Management Records, Real Estate Law Relating to Property Management, Commercial Property Management and Emergency Plans, and Energy Management. While the course is designed for property managers, real estate brokers and principal brokers who are engaged in or want to know more about property management can also use it for their continuing education. To find out more about this course or to enroll in it, please visit the OnlineEd catalog.


OnlineEd® is Oregon Real Estate Agency approved continuing education provider number 1038.  OnlineEd® is an Oregon licensed vocational school offering real estate, mortgage, contractor and insurance courses.

For more information about OnlineEd®, please visit www.OnlineEd.com.

OnlineEd Offers MLO Continuing Ed at CAMP Convention



(OnlineEd) – It’s time for Summer Camp! The California Association of Mortgage Professionals annual trade show will be happening in San Jose, CA on August 4-5, 2011.  The two-day event will include continuing education to cover both NMLS and California Department of Real Estate requirements.  The OnlineEd continuing education courses are approved by NMLS and the California Department of Real Estate for license renewal.

The OnlineEd 8-hour approved continuing education is scheduled for August 4th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the San Jose Marriott, located at 301 South Market Street in downtown San Jose, CA.  Seating at the facility is limited, and with advance registrations already nearing 200,  those who are interested in attending should also register in advance.  Early Bird, Full Conference, and Thursday Day Pass registrations for the convention each include the education at no additional cost.

For more information and to enroll in the convention, please visit the CAMP Web site at: http://ca-amp.org/news/summercamp.htm

New Rules for Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education



PORTLAND, OR (OnlineEd)- Oregon’s new rules for real estate licensee continuing education became effective on January 1, 2011. To get ready for the rule change, Oregon began certifying continuing education providers on July 1, 2010. Only providers who meet the requirements of the new rules will be certified.

Beginning January 1, 2011 only an Oregon Real Estate Board “Certified Continuing Education Provider” can offer continuing education to Oregon brokers, principal brokers, and property managers. The certifying licensee currently responsible for certifying continuing education will no longer be required and all licensees will self-certify their education as part of the license renewal process. Courses completed before January 1, 2011, if approved by the certifying licensee as continuing education, will still count for those licensees who will renew in 2011. Additionally, renewals in 2011 will need to complete the new Law and Rule Required Course as part of their 30-hour education. Because Oregon licensees cannot apply to renew their licenses before their birthday month, those who completed their education before January 1, 2011 but renew on or after January 1, 2011 will need to add to their education the required 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC).

Oregon no longer has “Elective” and “Required” course topics. As of January 1, 2011 Certified Education Providers can only offer course topics specifically listed in the new law. There are 33 topics approved for continuing education.

The Certified Continuing Education Provider will approve their courses, not the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Once certified by the agency, a provider’s education will count for license renewal credit. The law provides for each course provider to ensure that their courses are within the scope of the approved course topics.

For first-time license renewal on or after January 1, 2011, a board approved 30-hour Advanced Practices course will still be required. The additional three-hour LARRC course is also required for Advanced Practices students. The OnlineEd Advanced Practices course includes LARRC at no additional charge.

For more about OnlineEd or to enroll in their courses, please visit www.OnlineEd.com.

 OnlineEd® Oregon School # 1038

7 Reasons to Get an Oregon Principal Broker License Before January 1, 2011

By Jeff Sorg

PORTLAND, OR (OnlineEd) – The Oregon Real Estate Agency is changing its principal broker licensing law. The law change becomes effective January 1, 2011 and is a result of Senate Bill 640 (“SB 640”). The Bill requires that only an Oregon Real Estate Agency Certified Continuing Education Provider can offer the required 40-hour principal broker licensing course, Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision (“BASS”). Once the education provider is certified, their course will have to be approved by the Oregon Real Estate Agency. For any Oregon real estate broker licensed between July 1, 2002 and December 31, 2007 wanting to become a principal broker, now is the best time to get a principal broker license. Here are 7 reasons to get your principal broker license right now:

  1. Beginning January 1, 2011 the new law will require all principal broker applicants to complete an approved course and to take and pass the new principal broker licensing examination. Completing the course now and upgrading to a principal broker license before January 1, 2011 means the licensee will not have to take this new State licensing exam.
  2. The Oregon Real Estate Agency allows the current 40-hour version of the principal broker course to be used for 30-hours of continuing education, when approved by the licensee’s current principal broker.
  3. When licensees become principal brokers, they can self-supervise and supervise other individuals, such as brokers or licensed personal assistants.
  4. The BASS course provides the licensee with an increased knowledge about real estate law and practices.
  5. Armed with 40 hours of Oregon Real Estate Agency required and approved education, principal brokers are more confident in their daily practice
  6. Principal brokers provide better client representation through their increased knowledge
  7. Pricing for the BASS course has never been better. For a limited time, principal broker applicants can get $(removed) worth of course for as low as $(removed) at OnlineEd®. That’s a savings of $(removed).

The OnlineEd® Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision course is Oregon Real Estate Agency approved, delivered online in text format and comes with instructor and author support by email or phone. The course contains the topics of Management of a Brokerage, Business Planning, Associate Performance, Broker Supervision, Advertising, Real Estate Office and Regulatory Requirements, Financial Records and Reports, Non-trust Accounts, Non-financial Records and Real Estate Agency Audits, Office Policy and Procedures Manual, and Property Management.

Each section is followed by a short quiz that must be passed with a score of at least 75%. After all the sections are completed, there is a 75 question final exam. The final exam must be passed with a score of at least 75% in order to obtain the course completion certificate. For individuals licensed on or after July 1, 2002 with three years of license history, this will be the only exam required to obtain a principal broker license.

 OnlineEd® Oregon School # 1038